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Welcome To Aceki

Aceki Customer Retention For Life Program

Aceki Objective: 
To retain customers for life via
dance, entertainment, travel, happiness, health, beauty, wealth and wisdom

Products & Services Category: 

Health Care, Food, Education, Leisure, Entertainment, Apparel, Luxury Goods, Media and Real Estate

Over 1,000 products and services. Treatment for over 300 chronic illness including cancer, medicine, supplement, treatment centre, extending life to 120, revere ageing, look and feel younger, food for infant, teen, adult and old age, dance, health, DVDs, music and songs. Dance, health, wealth, education events and overseas holidays.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Aceki Over 200 Products & Services

Health: The Meroll Treatment, Treat Over 300 Chronic Illnesses
Make you feel younger and look younger, high energy, hair growth, sliming, burn fat, build muscle, revere ageing.

Meroll 30 days Intensive Treatment in Philippines: US$50,000
Meroll Treatment Centre in Philippines
Meroll 5 days Treatment in Philippines and 25 days home base: US$12,000
Meroll Breakfast In Singapore
3 Hours private coaching, 3 hours Counselling & home base treatment for 30 days: US$1,200
3 Hours private coaching & home base treatment for 30 days: US$500
Acdine 35g (Treatment Herbs): US$50

Acdine Gold 35g (Treatment Herbs): US$500
Zocod 120g (Treatment Herbs): US$50

Zocod 20g (Treatment Herbs): US$10
Acdine Wrap Franchise

Acdine Smoothie Franchise: US$2
Acdine Gold Smoothie: US$10

Acdine Heroll Franchise (Health Roll for mass distribution at food stall): US$2
X1MWB1 to be patent compound: For new brand of treatment and supplement
(like a chip set in a mobile phone, use for oem)
X2MPL1to be patent compound: For new brand of treatment and supplement
X3MGC1 to be patent compound: For new brand of treatment and supplement

For those who can afford there are also
Meroll 1 Year Treatment: US$1 Million
Meroll 3 Years Treatment: US$10 Million

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7 - Dance Shoe

Dance Shoe

Aceki 1000 Products & Services 2 - Local & Overseas Events

Aceki World Salsa Championship


ACEKI Singapore Salsa Congress

ACEKI Singapore Salsa Festival


Aceki 1000 Products & Services 5 - DVDs